Day 1: 100 Days Without Social Media

Day One:

Last night before I went to bed, I took a last look at Facebook and Instagram and then before I could reconsider, I clicked Delete!

I’m not gonna lie, this was a bit tougher than I’d like to admit. I looked at those little icons shaking back and forth and the tiny x in the corner of my blue and white Facebook app, and I freaked out a bit. Before clicking “delete,” I had to take a breath and reassure myself that this was going to be OK.

After Facebook, I deleted Instagram and then Facebook messenger and Facebook groups: there are certainly no shortage of Facebook apps. And I finished off with Twitter.

This morning, I feel great. And aside from the occasional habitual want or move to click on one of my apps, I don’t miss it a bit. I’ve even accomplished quite a bit today: worked out, ran and emptied the dishwasher, folded laundry, finished a book, started a new book, read the news, regretted reading the news, watched a Paw Patrol, and I even cleaned out my fridge. I figure it’s best to keep busy and distracted at this point.

I also sat down with my calendar and made sure I had all the school dates and activities penciled in for the next few weeks. However, as I marked down different hot lunch days and upcoming social events, I had a moment of pause when I realized that none of my future activities would be shared with my internet friends; nor would I share in their future activities.

My only moment of real pain was sitting in the hallway at my daughters’ school waiting for parent teacher conferences with nothing to do. I desperately wanted to mindlessly scroll through pictures of dinners and cats and political memes. I could not stomach reading more news story and my internet connection wasn’t good enough to do any online shopping. I finally really missed my social media.

But I quickly rallied at bedtime. My normal routine is to get ready for bed, turn out the lights, climb into my bed and then spend an additional 10-20min doing more scrolling and clicking before closing my eyes for the night (or for as long as I can before one of my kids inevitably wakes me up). But last night, I turned out the lights, climbed into my bed and just closed my eyes. I’d say that’s a win!

Day 2:

Today has been a bit more difficult since my two oldest kids were off of school and doing all kinds of cute stuff. I took a few pictures as we dropped my youngest at his school, but quickly realized that I had nowhere to post them.

If a picture is taken and nobody posts it, was it ever really taken?

My other moment of pain came when I realized that I hadn’t deleted all my apps from my iPad. So, after I made my morning coffee, I sat down at the counter and began clicking and deleting. I was fine until I saw the tiny notifications numbers on my Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Facebook I could get over, but I knew immediately that I had a new Facebook message from someone. Who is that from? Didn’t they see my posts? What if it is something important? Maybe I should just check real quick and then delete? Ugh!!! Is that cheating? What if I need to respond? But then maybe they need to respond to me? I could just send them my email address real quick!

But before I could ask or answer any more questions – I just clenched me teeth and clicked “delete”

What I’ve noticed today is that I am accomplishing a lot more than I usually do during the day. I don’t think this is solely attributed to the fact that I am not using my time for scrolling and clicking, but that is definitely a big part. My theory is that there is only so much space in my brain for all the things I need to do and all the images and information I consume each day. I believe that all the social media was crowding my head and making it difficult for me to keep the important details and information at the forefront. In the words of Sarah Knight, I was giving too many of my f&cks to social media which meant there weren’t enough for the really important stuff.

Two days down, 98 to go!

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  1. Kathy dieringer | November 20, 2016 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    Emily this is awesome!! I need to do this so badly for so many reasons!!!!! You are definitely inspiring me to do so!

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